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kip and stephanie murrayI’ve always had a love for Art, even as a little guy growing up I can remember staring for hours at books about cartooning, illustration, painting and design. I looked at comics and the different styles and contrast of fine arts. It was all amazing to me that you could create an expressive idea through images.

I hadn’t realized until high school that people could make a career out of such things. I took all the Art courses my high school schedule would allow. After graduation I enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (AIP). I spent two years totally enveloped in art. I painted with watercolors, acrylics and oils. I studied art history, anatomy, and mechanical perspective design. I studied Typography, Advertising Layout Design and even Color Theory. I graduated with an Associates in Applied Arts and a minor in Illustration. I also dabbled in a few computer layout courses while I was there. The kids around me found the transition from pencil to PC to be quite difficult. I loved it and it came easy to me.

The internet was a brand new thing. Online mostly meant connecting your computers modem to a BBS. After graduating from AIP I returned home. I looked for art jobs but was disappointed. They were very low paying and it was very competitive. I found that I had too much knowledge for some employers and no experience to suit others. I eventually took a job working 3rd shift in a factory. If you have ever done this, it's a complete way to kill your creativity. After about two years of working that dead end scene I caught a little break. Apparently the factory was not doing so well and was moving its jobs to Mexico and Canada. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement I was eligible to go back to school. I jumped at it!

I went back to school this time for Micro-Computer Management. I graduated two years later with my degree. I learned Networking, PC repair, maintenance, Server Technology, and accepted a job in my last semester as a Systems Administrator of a Medical Office. By this time I had nearly forgotten all about art.

As the internet became more prevalent and web sites became part of the standard business I noticed a growing trend. Web pages went from one picture pages to elaborate layouts with multiple design elements. As luck would have it again, My boss came to me and said, “We need a web page and you’re the only one here with art and computer experience. Want to design our web site?” The rest is history...

My wife Stephanie has joined what has quickly become a booming venture for us. She is now the primary contact, leaving me with more time to create and code web sites. Although not trained in art formally she has a good appreciation and a pretty good eye for design. Under my expert tutilage she is quickly learning to do website updates and web content development. A self-proclaimed "people person" , Stephanie enjoys talking to people and helping them achieve their goals.

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