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Hey Kip and Steph, what’s the primary goal of a logo?

A logo is not just a little picture on your business card, it's an image that represents you and your business. It should reflect your style and your type of business. Whether your logo is a symbol or text, or a combination of both, it will become the one single image that identifies you and your business. Some people consider this the first step in branding. (We’ll talk more about that in future articles)

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when developing a logo. Your logo should be versatile. That means it should print well at all sizes and on a variety of different backgrounds. It should scale to billboard size or store front window size or down to business card size and still be crystal clear. Simplicity is key here, keep it simple. Your logo needs to stand alone as one solid image.

Good logos can transition from color to black and white. There are times when color will not be an option. For example, faxes still use black and white. You should be able to fax your logo and still make out the image clearly. Some businesses have designers create simple versions of their logos for this purpose.

Stay away from clipart; it makes your logo look cookie cutter and chances are 90 other people that have the same logo. Your logo should be unique and memorable. Above all it should look professional.


Image is everything!

You’ve heard it before and it rings true; image is indeed everything! Consider for a moment your businesses image. What do you do? What services do you provide? What do you want to convey to your customers? Sometimes your website and logo is the first thing people will see when looking up your business. Whether it's on a sign in front of your store or on the web, make your image memorable and make it professional.

Let's switch gears a minute and talk about your customers. Today’s economy stinks! People need to have confidence in your products and services. They want to do business with companies that will be around for a while. They also need to know that you’re looking out for their best interest. Repeat business and loyal customers are key. Your business image needs to instill confidence in your customers.

People don’t have money to throw out the window. They need more than just finding a bargain, they want value for their purchase. They need to have confidence that they have spent their hard earned money wisely. Professional signage and logos go a long way here. A well crafted website can do a lot to boost your image in this area. You can instill confidence in your customers by creating a visual impact. People will relate your image with your products and services.

How many times have you driven by a store and thought what a dump! Do they honestly think people will walk into that store? The same holds true on the web. If your business or website looks at all questionable people will be hesitant to visit your store or web site.

Websites that are out of date, cand send a bad message as well. You could be hurting your business if your website looks like it was produced in the age of the dinosaurs. It may continue to promote an image or message that you no longer wish to present.

The bottom line is, if your business does not appear professional people will move on quickly. And that is what you want to avoid. Whatever you do make it look professional, and put your best foot forward. Your businesses online image is just as important as your store front. A well crafted logo and web site will go a long way in createing a positive image for your client base.

Logo design Auburn NY
Logo design Auburn NY
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